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Ремонт и настройка диагностических приборов.



Портативный RF анализатор с полосой 100кГц до 2060МГц.

Идеальный инструмент для тестирования , установки и эксплуатации мобильных телекоммуникационных систем, сотовых телефонов, 900 Мгц телефонов, кабельного и спутникового телевидения.

  3201 is designed ideal for testing, installation and maintenance for
  the facilities and equipment of Mobile Telecommunication System, Cellular Phone,
  Cordless Phone, CR Radio, Paging System, Cable TV and Satellite TV Reception
  System as well as installation and measurement of Antenna.


   Frequency Range :
        100KHz ~ 2060MHz
   WFM/NFM/AM/SSB modulated
     signals may be measured.
   Signal Levels up to 160Channels
     can be displayed  simultaneously
     on the LCD
   PLL tuning system for precise
     frequency measurement and
   Built-in Frequency Counter
   LED Backlight LCD (192×192DOTS)
   Hand-held and Battery Operated
   All functions are menu selected.
   RS232C for PC interface and
   Built-in speaker


6Types of Multi-Channel displays are available.   5,10,20,40,80,160 Ch each can be scanned and their
   levels are displayed in bargraphs.

The signal level at the mark is displayed in a bargraph
   and a numerical value.

Scanning Marker channel and step frequency channel,
    the level difference between 2 channels are displayed in
    bargraph and numeric number.

A frequency is measured and its level is displayed as a
   numerical value at the Counter mode


   Reception Frequency 
   1) Frequency Range :  100KHz ~ 2060MHz
   2) Step Frequency : 5KHz and 6.25KHz STEP at 5KHz to 9995KHz
   3) Accuracy : ±25ppm
   4) Reception Mode : NFM/WFM/AM/SSB
   5) Channel Memory : 10Bank×160ch (1,600 Channels)
   6) Data Memory  : 10Bank×160ch (1,600 Channels)
   7) Setup Memory : 16Bank 
   8) Input Impedance : 50Ω 
   9) Max. Input Voltage :  Max. 5Vrms
  10) Reception sensitivity : Approx. 0~6db EMF (S/N : 12dB at N-FM,10dB at W-FM)

   Level Measurement
   1)  NFM
       -  Range :  -10dB to 40dB (from 1MHz to 2000MHz)
       -  Resolution : +/- 0.5dB
       -  Accuracy : +/- 3dB (at an ambient temperature and with a calibrated    frequency)
       -  Bandwidth : Approx. 12.5KHz(-6dB)
   2) WFM/AM/SSB
       -  Range :  0dB to 50dB (from 10MHz to 2000MHz)
       -  Resolution : +/- 0.5dB
       -  Accuracy : +/- 3dB (at an ambient temperature and with a calibrated frequency)
       -  Bandwidth  : WFM : Approx. 180KHz(-6dB)    AM/SSB : Approx. 2.4KHz(-6dB)
   3) Function display mode
       -  Multi bar graph display (5,10,20,40,80,160 channels)
       -  Single Bar graph display
       -  Spectrum Analyzer display
       -  Difference Mode display
       -  Frequency Counter display
   4) Sweep Mode
        Single / Normal / Free / Free Singe
   5) Squelch Function
        Squelch level is displayed with a bar graph and a digital readout

   Frequency Counter
   1) Range : 9MHz ~ 2060MHz  / 9MHz ~ 2000MHz 150mVrms
   2) Accuracy : ±50ppm ±1 count
   3) Resolution : 1KHz
   4) Response Time : 0.512 sec 
   5) Sensitivity  : 20MHz ~ 1000MHz 100mVrms
   6) Input Impedance : 50Ω
   7) Data Memory  : 10CH
   8) Max Input Voltage : Max 5VRMS

   LCD :  192×192DOT LCD, Backlighted
   LED Backlight : Backlight will be off 5 seconds after the final key operation.                             Continuouse light-on is also available.
   RS-232C Interface : 1200/2400/4800/9600bps (8pin Mini Din)
   Power Source
    - AA type BATTERY * 6PCS
    - AC Adapter
    - Car-adapter, DC 12V
    - External power source : DC 11-16V Max. 400mA
   Auto Power Off  : Automatically tums power off 30 minutes after the final
                                 key operation.(releasable)
   Operating Temperature & Humidity :  0 to 40 & 35 to 85% RH
   Storage Temperature  :    -10 to 50
   Dimension & Weight
     105(W) x 220(H) x 45(D)mm / Approx. 700g (Antenna is not included)
    - Supplied Accessories :  Antenna (Receive only), RS-232C cable, Carry case,
                                         Manual, AA type alkaline batteries x 6pieces
    - Optional Accessories : 75 to 50 matching pad, ATT 20dB,40dB,
                                        F-BNC adapter, AC adapter, Car adapter,
                                        Mini printer(RS-232C), Block voltage unit
                                        Software for PC interface


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