Описание протоколов и аппаратнай поддержки шины "CAN"

Controller Area Network (CAN) is here. Hassles over add-in cards, dip switches, jumpers, IRQs, DMA channels and I/O addresses should be a thing of the past. With CAN, users can attach and detach peripherals without opening the computer, or even shutting it down.
For more information about CAN, refer to http://www.can-cia.de/ on the World Wide Web.
Keil Software has "jumped on the bus" and upgraded all of our tools to be CAN compatible. So, we felt it only natural to include a wide range of CAN documentation on this CD-ROM.


CAN books


Для просмотра документов в формате PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format) Вы можете использовать Adobe Acrobat Reader, который можно взять здесь (под Windows 95/98 и Windows NT).


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